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ESOL Business English Course Highly sought-after
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Cambridge Certificate in Business English for Senior Managers

Developed by Rachel Branson, Curriculum Designer at ESOL
  • Last updated 05/2024
  • English
  • Global CEFR Certificate from London
Business English Course London
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What you'll learn

Join our Business English course and earn the GlobalComm Senior Manager Certificate, designed to help you comprehend cross-cultural communication and enhance your intercultural competence. Our program is led by award-winning tutors who will guide you through engaging lessons and practical exercises. Gain the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the global business landscape with confidence. Enrol today and take your professional communication to new heights.

  • Enhance professional communication in meetings, negotiations, calls, and emails.
  • Gain intercultural competence for diverse business settings.
  • Stand out in global business with effective collaboration and conflict resolution.
  • Transformative course on Business English for Global Communication and Strategy.
  • Boost your salary by 24% with global communication skills and a strategic mindset.
  • Comprehensive coverage of oral and written communication.
  • Unlock unparalleled career opportunities as a Group Sales Director.
  • Enrol now and excel in Business English for a successful future.

In conclusion, our Business English course offers a unique opportunity for individuals to enhance their language skills and excel in the global business arena. With a team of exceptional international instructors, students will benefit from their expertise and guidance. Engaging in practical activities with peers from around the world, participants will apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios, refining their business writing, speaking, and communication skills. The tailored curriculum covers cross-cultural meetings, negotiations, and presentations, ensuring students are well-equipped for success in the business world. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a prestigious certificate with CEFR accreditation, validating their proficiency and opening doors to new opportunities. Join us to unlock your full potential and thrive in the international business landscape.

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Course Requirements

  • Minimum age requirement: 21 years and above
  • Minimum B1 CEFR level proficiency in spoken English
  • Minimum B1 level proficiency in written English
  • Minimum of 1+ year of professional experience
  • Commitment to dedicating 3 hours per week to the course.


  • Suitable for pre-work college students and individuals in the business world.
  • Emphasis on authentic and meaningful use of English.
  • Realistic vocabulary and grammar contexts.
  • Develop language skills for everyday business tasks.
  • Effective communication in meetings, discussions, and social encounters.

Course Developer

Rachel Branson
Cambridge Curriculum Developer
  • 75,237 Reviews 4.4 Rating
  • 912,970 Students
  • 16 Courses

Rachel is a brilliant educator, whose life was spent for applied linguistics and love of nature.


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