Limited spots! Lessons you’ll love. Guaranteed. Limited spots! Lessons you’ll love. Guaranteed.
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ESOL's motto is 100% student satisfaction.

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100% money back

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Why learning with ESOL is fun and practical?

With the 60-minute interactive lessons, you get:

  • Online and live lessons with native-level teachers
  • Feedback on your pronunciation and grammar
  • Small class sizes (10-12 students) to help you focus on speaking and real-life conversations.
  • Structured curriculum for complete development.

How much is the refund?

ESOL is about ensuring you get the most out of your time and money. That's why you get a full refund if you are eligible-and it's simple to qualify! If you decide that the course isn't for you, you will get 100% of the money back that you paid for the course within 15 days of the intimation.

English School of London
Flexible Plans

Do I still get cash back if I miss a class?

Please note that it is recommended that you attend the whole of the first week before deciding to opt for the refund.

Frequently asked questions

ESOL (English School of London) offers a unique and personalised way to learn English online. Our friendly virtual group classes are taught by British / American tutors and are designed to help you make personal and professional progress.

ESOL (English School of London) offers a range of English classes to suit students of all levels. Our Beginner Level course is designed for students new to English or who need to brush up on their basics. Our Spoken English for Working Professionals course is perfect for students who want to improve their English skills and build confidence in their abilities in their professional lives. Our IELTS course is ideal for learners who need to polish their English for exams, travel, or work-related purposes.

ESOL (English School of London) offers a wide range of courses for students of all levels. Whether you're a beginner who wants to learn the basics of the English language or an advanced student looking to perfect your skills, we have a course for you. To join ESOL (English School of London), sign up on our website and choose the right course. Once you've signed up, one of our student advisors will be in touch to help you get started.

At ESOL (English School of London), we offer several benefits to our students. First and foremost, all our tutors are certified, meaning they have the knowledge and expertise to help you improve your English skills. We also offer a recognized certificate upon completion of your course, which can be used to show potential employers that you have the skills to communicate effectively in English.

We offer personal online tutoring at ESOL (English School of London) to help our students reach their language goals. Our online tutoring services are tailored to each student, and we work with each student to create a personalized learning plan. We also offer many online resources, including grammar and vocabulary lessons, listening and reading comprehension exercises, and speaking and writing practice.
Attend Risk-Free: Start Your Online English Learning Journey

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey to enhance your English language skills? With our risk-free level test and personalized guidance, you can confidently begin your online English learning experience. Our expert evaluation, flexible plans, and user-friendly platform ensure that you receive the highest quality education tailored to your specific needs.

Risk-Free Level Test: Assess Your Proficiency

Before you dive into our online English learning program, we offer a risk-free level test to assess your current proficiency. This evaluation helps us understand your strengths and areas for improvement, enabling us to tailor the course to meet your unique learning needs. Take the test and discover your starting point on the path to fluency.

Expert Evaluation and Personalized Guidance

Our team of experienced instructors provides expert evaluation and personalized guidance throughout your English learning journey. They analyze your test results and design a customized learning plan that targets your specific language goals. With their expertise and support, you'll receive the individual attention needed to accelerate your progress.

Affordable Pricing and Flexible Plans

We believe that learning English should be accessible to all. That's why we offer affordable pricing and flexible plans to suit your budget and schedule. Choose between individual sessions or group classes, and select from a variety of custom packages tailored to your specific requirements. Our aim is to make your learning experience convenient and cost-effective.

Individual Sessions and Group Classes

Whether you prefer one-on-one attention or enjoy the dynamic atmosphere of group learning, we have options to suit your preferences. Our individual sessions provide focused instruction, allowing you to address specific language challenges. Alternatively, our group classes offer a collaborative learning environment where you can practice your English skills with peers.

Custom Packages for Personalized Learning

We understand that each learner has unique goals and preferences. That's why we offer custom packages that allow you to personalize your learning experience. Whether you want to focus on fluency, pronunciation, or any other specific aspect of English, our flexible packages ensure that your learning journey is tailored to your needs.

User-Friendly Platform for Seamless Learning

Our online English learning platform is designed with user-friendliness in mind. With intuitive features and easy navigation, you can access course materials, participate in interactive lessons, and track your progress effortlessly. Our platform enhances your learning experience by providing a seamless and enjoyable environment.

Fluency and Pronunciation Mastery

Our comprehensive curriculum focuses on developing both fluency and pronunciation skills. Through targeted exercises and practice sessions, you'll improve your speaking confidence and clarity. Our instructors provide guidance and feedback to help you refine your pronunciation and communicate effectively in English.

Long-Term Commitments for Lasting Results

We believe that language learning is a journey that requires dedication and consistency. By enrolling in our program, you make a commitment to your long-term language development. Our structured approach and ongoing support ensure that you achieve lasting results and continue to progress beyond the course.

Join Today: Unlock Your English Potential

Ready to take the first step towards English fluency? Join our risk-free online English learning program today and unlock your full potential. Whether you're seeking to advance your career, improve your communication skills, or broaden your horizons, our expert guidance and comprehensive curriculum will empower you on your language learning journey.
Experience the convenience of our user-friendly platform, the benefits of personalized guidance, and the joy of communicating fluently in English. Enroll now and embark on a rewarding learning experience that opens doors to new opportunities.