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Cambridge Certificate in Advanced Fluency in English

Developed by Jill Richards, Curriculum Designer at ESOL
  • Last updated 07/2023
  • English
  • Global CEFR Certified from London
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What you'll learn

Welcome to the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced Fluency in English course, where language learning comes alive with the renowned CCAF approach! If you aspire to take your English language skills to new heights, this unique and lively course is tailor-made for you. Whether you are starting your journey at Level A1 or already a proficient speaker at C1+, CCAF is designed to ignite your confidence and get you talking with ease.

Our impact study revealed that an impressive 90% of CCAF teachers noticed a significant improvement in their students' speaking skills. So, what sets this course apart and how will it help you achieve fluency?

  • Comprehensive blend of new and updated materials for engaging language learning.
  • Enhanced speaking practice for increased student confidence.
  • Extensive student support with over 100s of printable activities.
  • Interactive iTools for dynamic classroom activities.
  • iTutor feature for convenient revision and catch-up with audio and video resources.
  • Pronunciation App for learning sounds, words, and sentences anytime, anywhere.
  • Access to sample materials on the CCAF website.
  • Various resources available, including e-books, audio, video, and online practice.

CCAF believes in the power of engaging lessons and activities that not only provide the necessary language foundation but also motivate and encourage students to converse with assurance. Each lesson is carefully crafted to strike a perfect balance between Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, and Skills Development, empowering learners to express themselves fluently and naturally.

So, enjoy your English language potential with Cambridge Certificate in Advanced Fluency. Start this rewarding journey of self-expression and communication. Join us now and become a confident English speaker!

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Course Content

Course Requirements

  • Minimum age requirement: 21 years and above
  • Minimum B1 CEFR level proficiency in spoken English
  • Minimum B1 level proficiency in written English
  • Minimum of 1+ year of professional experience
  • Commitment to dedicating 3 hours per week to the course.


  • Busy working professionals aiming for career growth in international workplaces.
  • College and university applicants preparing for the IELTS exam for higher education abroad.
  • Language enthusiasts seeking to master and expand English proficiency.
  • Individuals desiring confident global communication for travel, networking, and cross-cultural interactions.

Course Developer

Jill Richards
Cambridge Curriculum Developer
  • 75,237 Reviews 4.4 Rating
  • 912,970 Students
  • 16 Courses

Jill is a brilliant educator, whose life was spent for applied linguistics and love of nature.


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