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Helping universities achieve unrivalled impact 🏆

Say YES to education that goes beyond Classrooms

A transformational youth employment skill development program for final-year graduate students.


This is no time to stand still.

ESOL's mission is now crucial, empowering graduates with creative spaces and employability skills to innovate and thrive in today's complex, global landscape.

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What are Employability Skills?

Employability skills are more than qualifications; they include transferable soft skills like social, personal, and emotional competencies, essential for effective workplace participation and long-term career success.

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Why is it Important to Teach Employability Skills?

Research shows that graduates often lack essential soft skills crucial for career success. 85% of job success depends on these skills, making them vital for the modern workforce.

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What Makes YES by ESOL Unique?

YES by ESOL is designed with expert input and employer needs in mind, offering a comprehensive approach to developing essential soft skills and specialist language knowledge necessary for the workplace.

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What Skills Does the YES Program Focus On?

The program covers market research, CV preparation, effective interviewing techniques, and negotiation skills, using authentic materials for practical learning experiences.

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How is the YES Program Structured?

YES provides 40 to 60 hours of study, focusing on real-world applications like CV writing, interview preparation, and job market navigation, with additional interactive activities with native/non-native trainers for extended domestic and global markets.

Forever Forward in Focus

Do you have talented students about to graduate who would benefit from additional training to ensure the best start to their careers? Universities collaborate with ESOL, and together we train skilled graduates who are fundamental to our ambition and the progress of India.


Tier 1 universities


International universities


Cambridge faculty


Guru lectures

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Unlock your university’s potential

Specialist sector expertise. Rigorous training processes. A global instructor pool. Working together, we’ll help your university access the expertise you need.

  • - Rigorous training methods to enhance your graduates’ potential.
  • - Teaching real-world, CV preparation, interview techniques, and negotiation skills.
  • - Utilizing genuine CVs, cover letters, and interview scenarios for practical learning.

Create customised trainings for your university

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Begin with a thorough needs assessment.

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Develop a customized program plan for your university.

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Implement the tailored solution.

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Measure outcomes and impact.


Brilliant outcomes

After all modules, students earn a government-approved ESOL London digital badge and certificate to enhance their CVs and LinkedIn profiles. Need to discuss your university's needs?

Preparing for life

Developing skills for successful group work, completing collaborative tasks and projects, and dealing with conflict.

Understanding others better, presenting one’s views clearly and effectively, and adapting communication for different audiences and purposes.

Developing a creative mindset, generating ideas, and solving problems effectively.

Understanding, analysing and evaluating information and arguments to make decisions.

Contributing to the success of an organisation, demonstrating leadership, and contributing to an organisation’s positive role in global issues.

Developing organisational skills to manage time, tasks and information, and learning to manage one’s ongoing professional development.

Developing self-awareness, learning to act with resilience, and demonstrating empathy and positive relationship skills.

Learning to use tools and creating digital content, sharing and interacting appropriately with others online, and ensuring safety and wellbeing online.
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Social impact at the core of our activity

YES program puts students at the forefront of socioeconomic development

Improving the lives of the most talented graduates

See the ESOL impact report, PDF 1.96MB


Community conscious

Original Thinking

  • Providing tools to our partner universities that shape its graduates how to think, rather than what to think.

Youth Centric

  • Exposing graduates from the local community to the original thinking of the global requirements.

Impact Consulting Club

  • Offering graduates pro-bono impact consultancy work with real clients across India and the world.


Injecting passion and drive to
make a lasting impact on employers.

I believe YES Program will help me build a network of people who are passionate about improving themselves and ready to launch their careers.

Rahul Sharma - Delhi

Empowering future leaders to overcome obstacles creates engaged global citizens. I'd like to think I'm one of those now, and I'm so proud to call myself an all-rounder university graduate.

Ayesha Khan - Mumbai

My university gave me a brilliant opportunity and it's so important when it comes to levelling the playing field for future jobs.

Ankit Verma - Bengaluru

I originally wanted to enrol in a regular PD course, but the people I've met at the YES program from my university have inspired me beyond words.

Priya Patel - Ahmedabad

The work and purpose of the YES program are so inspiring, and when I was successful in my course, I couldn’t believe it. It’s such an honour – and from a financial perspective is so helpful.

Shruti Gupta - Kolkata

YES has been my gateway to a vibrant community of self-improvement enthusiasts, all poised to launch their careers with fervour.

Rajesh Singh - Lucknow

The YES program at my university doesn't just remove glitches in our personalities; it cultivates future leaders with a global perspective, and I'm honoured to be a part of it.

Arjun Reddy - Hyderabad

The YES program has ignited my passion for a purpose-driven career. The financial support from my uni is the icing on the cake.

Gautam Shah - Pune
Dynamic. Cosmopolitan. Diverse.

Short executive programmes. Full-length certificate programmes.

Investing in your students means greater education impact.

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Rankings and accreditation

Outstanding academic expertise, global perspective, and results.

Our work with universities

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Transform your university

We listen. We understand. We design. We develop. And we deliver unforgettable customised learning solutions for universities and its graduates. We help your students: Stand out. Get noticed. Get hired.

Certificates for Mastery

  • Prove your expertise with certificates for each of our eight modules. It's your validation of skills gained.

Digital Badge

  • Finish all eight modules, and you'll earn a digital badge.Backed by the governments of India and the UK, making them your passport to the top.

Brand Your LinkedIn

  • Add these accolades to your CV and flaunt them on LinkedIn. Show the world you're a standout candidate with the credentials to match.

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