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The most accurate English-level test will help you assess your written English skills.

English Level Test

English Level Test Online

Test Your Level of English with Our Online English Level Test. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, our English Level Test will help you assess your proficiency. Get valuable insights into your language skills and determine the right course for your learning journey. Start your test now!

Test Your English Level with Our Online Test

Take the English Level Test Online and Assess Your Language Skills. Our English Level Test London is designed to help you gauge your proficiency in English. With our convenient online platform, you can easily evaluate your language abilities and identify areas for improvement. Get started today!

Test Your Level of English
Assess Your Language Skills with Our Online English Level Test

Are you curious about your current level of English proficiency? Our English Level Test is designed to help you gauge your language abilities accurately. Whether you're a student, professional, or language enthusiast, our test provides valuable insights into your English skills. With a focus on the English Level Test London, we offer an online assessment that is accessible and convenient for learners in India.

Test Your Level of English

Our comprehensive English Level Test evaluates your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. By taking the test, you can understand your strengths and identify areas for improvement.

Determine Your Language Goals:

Knowing your English level is crucial for setting realistic language goals. Whether you aim to enhance your professional prospects, prepare for international exams like IELTS, or improve your communication skills, our test helps you plan your language learning journey.

Tailor-Made Language Solutions:

Once you receive your English Level Test results, our experienced instructors can guide you in selecting the right language courses for you. Whether it's our Business English Course, IELTS Course, or other specialized programs, we offer customized solutions to help you achieve your language goals.

Measure Your Progress:

Our English Level Test not only determines your starting point but also helps you track your progress over time. By retaking the test after completing language courses, you can measure your improvement and identify areas for further development.

Convenient Online Assessment:

Our English Level Test is available online, allowing you to assess your language skills at your convenience. Simply access the test through our user-friendly platform, answer the questions, and receive your results promptly.

Unlock Your Language Potential Today

Don't let language barriers hinder your growth. Take our English Level Test and embark on a journey to enhance your English language skills. Our wide range of language programs, including the Spoken English Course and IELTS Course, equips you with the necessary tools and knowledge for success.
With a rich cultural heritage and diverse flora and fauna, India is a captivating country known for its majestic trees. As you explore the beauty of India's natural landscapes, let our English Level Test empower you to communicate confidently in the global language of business, education, and travel.
Begin your language journey with us and experience the transformative power of effective communication. Enroll today and take the first step toward achieving your language goals in India. Together, we can help you grow, thrive, and make your mark in the world.

ESOL Level Test

Placement test- Helicopter view

What is the placement test at ESL?

The placement test is an official English test that assesses written English skills. The test indicates your CEFR level (A1-C1) and can be used to prove/improve your English level to employers, educational institutions and government bodies worldwide.

How is it different from the scholarship test?

The scholarship test is a face-to-face interaction with the teacher virtually. You will be asked questions during the test and assessed on your spoken English. The teacher will create a report with the result and recommend improvements.

Take your test:

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English Level Test
Spoken English
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English Level Test Online
Business English
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Level of English
Voice and Accent
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English Screening Test
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Placement and Scholarship test FAQ

You can take the test anytime, anywhere! Just go to the link and start. You'll get your result in just a few seconds, and it'll be available to share on your social media profile.

Don't worry, you don't have to prepare for this test! Just take it immediately, and it will give you an authentic result.

Spoken English and Business English are two different tests. While Spoken English is about general knowledge of the English language, Business English tests assess you on the skills and communication tactics used in the business world.

The types of questions asked in these exams also differ. Spoken English tests focus on general comprehension and speaking skills, whereas Business English tests assess your professional communication skills and grammar knowledge.

The test score is valid for two months, but you are recommended to take the following test only after having rigorously prepared for two months on your language skills.

The Scholarship test is a great way to get a discount on your English course and objectively assess your current language level. You'll also get recommendations on how to improve! You get to meet the teacher who shares a written report exclusively made for you on your language skills.

Taking both the Scholarship and Placement tests helps assess your written and spoken skills to give you a complete picture of your current language skills. You'll receive both a discount and a written report. You can also take the placement test at a time that is convenient for you. However, you must book an appointment with a teacher to take the scholarship test.