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Online Sales Management Course
Improve English Communication

Apply the latest thinking in modern sales and become expert in building an effective omnichannel strategy for your clients.


Aims of the screening test

Best Sales Management Courses
Live assessment

Take a live writing and interview assessment to evaluate your language skills and ability to communicate effectively.

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  • Duration: 15 minutes
  • Mode: Google Meet
  • Moderator: Live Trainer
  • Test Focus: Speaking and Writing
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Best Sales Management Courses
CEFR English level

Determine your current CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) level, providing insight into your language proficiency.

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  • Global CEFR standards
  • Approved by Cambridge
  • Accurate live assessment
  • Get a fluency report
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Top BPO Organisations
Scholarships and CAS

Upon successful completion and acceptance, receive a scholarship and a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letter to proceed.

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  • Courses from B1 - C2
  • Minimum eligibility B1
  • Get a Certificate of Acceptance
  • Scholarships for upto 2K
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years' student work experience on average


language school in Europe and Asia ranked by the Linguistics Times


continents in the CCAF 2023 intake


employment success within three months of graduation

Best Sales Manager Skills
English Communication Course

Enhancing Strategic Leadership Skills for BPO Professionals

A Comprehensive Program to Propel Your Strategic Career

  • - Attain mastery in communication skills, encompassing active listening, and essential soft skills, to thrive in strategic roles.
  • - Tailored 10-unit program for BPO professionals with adaptable modules for individualized training.
  • - Boost global competence: understand diverse cultures, and engage effectively with customers from India, USA, and UK.


Success stories from ESOL graduates

"The comprehensive training not only improved my communication but also made me job-ready. The placement assistance from the school was a cherry on top!"

Communication Skill in English
Rahul Singh – Sales Associate

"Defusing anger and maintaining sincerity are skills I use daily. The course, coupled with the school's placement support, helped me secure a rewarding position."

English Communication Skills Course Online
Priya Patel – Customer Relations Executive

"Predicting customer needs became my strength. The school's dedication to my placement journey gave me a seamless transition into my new role."

Improve Spoken English
Arjun Mehta – Junior Sales Representative

"Probing for information was a game-changer for my customer interactions. The school's placement assistance ensured I landed my dream job."

English Certificate for Sales Management
Ananya Gupta – Client Support Specialist

"The empathy-building skills I acquired boosted my confidence. Thanks to the school's support, I'm now thriving in a fulfilling sales career."

English School of London
Karan Sharma – Sales Coordinator

"Aggressive call handling skills were vital for my role. The school not only equipped me with these skills but also helped me secure a fantastic job."

ESOL Course
Riya Verma – Sales Assistant

"Dealing with sarcasm made me adept at building rapport. The school's commitment to my success extended to finding me the perfect job opportunity."

International Sales Manager Europe
Raghav Kumar - Sales Trainee

"Thinking aloud and building solidarity transformed my communication. The school's placement assistance ensured I joined a top-notch team."

Best Sales Management Courses
Aisha Khan - Account Manager

"Understanding diverse cultures was key to my interactions. The school's guidance and placement support have been invaluable in my journey."

Online Sales Management Courses
Vikram Singh - Sales Support

"The practical communication skills I gained are unmatched. Thanks to the school's assistance, I'm now thriving in a sales role I love."

Free Online Sales Management Course
Nisha Patel - Sales Associate

"This course shaped me into a confident communicator. The school's guidance and placement support placed me exactly where I needed to be."

Top Sales Manager Skills
Saurabh Gupta - Customer Success Specialist

"The practical approach of the course was a revelation. Thanks to the school's placement assistance, I'm exceeding targets in my new role."

Best English Certificate Course
Shruti Sharma - Sales Consultant

"Admitting mistakes skillfully became my forte. The school's commitment to my career journey helped me secure a meaningful role."

English Communication Skills Online Course
Aditya Verma - Client Relationship Executive

"Role-plays improved my skills dramatically. The school's dedicated placement support gave me a head start in my sales career."

English Communication Certification
Anjali Kumar - Junior Account Executive

"The art of active listening transformed how I interact with customers. The school's placement assistance led me to a fulfilling sales position."

ESOL English Communication Certification
Rohit Patel - Sales Representative

"Understanding idioms and cultural nuances enriched my customer interactions. The school's placement assistance made my transition seamless."

ESOL Course London
Sneha Singh - Sales Coordinator

"Navigating aggressive calls was easier with the skills I acquired. The school's placement support landed me a role where I excel every day."

Communication in English Course
Sameer Mehta - Customer Support Associate

"This course equipped me with versatile communication skills. The school's continuous support ensured my smooth entry into the world of sales."

Global Response Call Center
Ayesha Khan - Sales Trainee

Secure an internationally respected certificate and a global professional network for life.

Sales Manager Skills