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Cambridge English Certificate in

Experience the pinnacle of communication certification with the world's top-ranked, industry-exclusive course designed for tourism and hospitality professionals.

  • 48 Lessons
  • 5048 Students Enrolled
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English Course for Tourism Course

Step into a transformational experience, to become a confident global professional.

Gain a competitive edge in the dynamic world of tourism, hospitality, and travel industries with our Cambridge English Certificate course.

Discover the programme content
  • The course is designed with a modular structure, providing maximum flexibility for learners to progress at their own pace.
  • Learners are exposed to real situations, preparing them to communicate effectively in the tourism and hospitality industry.
  • Each lesson is presented on a single-page spread on the student dashboard for easy navigation and convenience.
  • The program offers extra practice in writing professional emails, specifically tailored for the tourism industry.
  • The updated lessons include several new reading texts, practice in writing emails, and captivating photos and cartoons.
  • Ideal for individuals dealing with visitors and tourists in various roles such as guests, clients, passengers, or customers.
  • Focus on building a polite and friendly tone of voice through role plays, pronunciation exercises, and functional language practice.
  • The program includes activities to improve listening and reading skills, ensuring effective communication comprehension.
  • Learners engage in pair and group activities to encourage active participation without fear of making mistakes.
  • Follow-up discussions after each activity to address questions, correct mistakes, and reinforce learning.

High-Performance People Skills for Global Placements

Hospitality and Tourism Management

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English Course for Hospitality Management Course

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Activities in this course

The activities that the students would engage in throughout this course include:

  • Six short role plays
  • Customer satisfaction questionnaire
  • Taking a reservation
  • Explaining itineraries
  • Answering enquiries
  • Taking phone calls/messages
  • Checking in
  • Giving information
  • Changing money
  • Explaining a bill
  • Giving directions
  • Helping with problems and difficulties
  • Dealing with complaints
  • Giving advice

Course Content

10 modules • 48 live face-to-face lessons • 1 hour per class


Success stories from ESOL graduates

Best English Course

"Completing the Cambridge English Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality Management gave my career a significant boost. My salary saw a remarkable increase!"

Tourism and Hospitality Course Online
Sneha Gupta, – Hospitality Manager
Spoken English Course

"The support from the placement cell was exceptional. They helped me secure a fantastic job in the tourism industry."

what is hospitality and tourism
Rohan Sharma, – Tour Guide
tourism management

"The course content was highly relevant to the tourism and hospitality sector, making it easy to apply my knowledge in real-life scenarios."

tourism and hospitality course
Aishwarya Singh,– Front Office Executive
travel and tourism management

"The student dashboard was user-friendly, allowing me to track my progress and stay organized throughout the course."

tourism course online
Karan Patel, – Hospitality Supervisor
study hospitality management

"The online learning apps provided interactive study materials that made the learning experience engaging and enjoyable."

Improve Spoken English Course
Nisha Verma, – Guest Relations Officer
Hospitality Management English Course

"The BUPLAS assessment was an insightful tool that helped me identify my strengths and areas for improvement in the tourism and hospitality field."

English Course for Tourism Online
Siddharth Kapoor, – Event Coordinator
Tourism English Course Online

"Thanks to this course, I received a promotion at my current job, and my confidence in managing tourism operations grew significantly."

Advance Spoken English Course
Meera Sharma, - Travel Consultant
Best Spoken Course

"The placement cell's support was outstanding. They connected me with renowned hospitality brands for potential job opportunities."

Online Speking Course
Arjun Desai, - Restaurant Manager
Best Training Course

"The course's industry-specific focus made it highly valuable for anyone aspiring to excel in the tourism and hospitality sector."

Fluent English Speaking Course
Anjali Patel, - Housekeeping Executive
Course of Tourism and Hospitality

"The online learning resources and apps were a game-changer for my learning journey. They enriched my understanding and skills in the field."

Masters in Tourism and Hospitality
Aditya Singh, - Front Desk Associate
tourism and hospitality schools

"The Cambridge English Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality Management opened doors to exciting international career opportunities."

hospitality tourism management
Rajesh Gupta, - Customer Service Representative
tourism and hospitality

"Completing this course added a prestigious certification to my profile, enhancing my credibility in the hospitality industry."

learn english course for hospitality
Ananya Mehta, - Hotel Operations Trainee
travel and tourism management course

"The course's practical approach and case studies provided valuable insights into real-world challenges faced in the tourism sector."

online tourism course
Pranav Verma, - Sales Executive
hospitality and tourism class

"Thanks to the comprehensive curriculum, I felt well-prepared to handle diverse roles in the ever-evolving tourism landscape."

hospitality and tourism
Shreya Patel, - Food and Beverage Supervisor
travel degree courses

"The BUPLAS assessment helped me identify my language proficiency strengths, boosting my communication skills for better career prospects."

studying hospitality
Akshay Sharma, - Reservation Agent
tourism study

"The course's focus on hospitality management equipped me with essential leadership skills, making me an asset to my current workplace."

study travel and tourism
Diya Kapoor, - Guest Service Associate
hotel and tourism

"The course not only improved my language abilities but also deepened my understanding of the hospitality industry's nuances."

hospitality and tourism course
Saurabh Desai - Concierge
travel tourism and hospitality management

"The Cambridge English Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality Management elevated my expertise and employability in the global tourism arena."

hotel & tourism management course
Kritika Singh, - Housekeeping Supervisor

Accelerate Your Career Development with this International Qualification

Top-Ranked Certificate Program for Hospitality Professionals and Acclaimed Language School in Asia and Europe.

Invest in high-performance client skills

Elevate your ability to inspire, influence and effectively communicate with your guests.

rated 4.9/5 Stars in 3086+ reviews.

Advance Plans You can Get.

  • Role Play & Speech Balloons
  • Communication & Discussions
  • Pronunciation Exercises
  • Dialogues & Listening Exercises
  • Writing Tasks & Reading
  • Functional Language Practice
  • Pair & Group Work
  • Giving Information & Describing
  • Replying to Guests & Apologies
  • Advice: Tipping, Motoring, Safety
  • Dealing with Complaints
  • Extra Information: For Travel Agents, Airport Codes
  • Taking Messages
  • Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire
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